When dads don’t hold your hand, they hold your back and 13 years old Logan Kavaluskis’ father, Joe Kavaluskis, was no different. Residing in Hudsonville, Michigan state of the US, Joe had been suffering from myeloma cancer for nine difficult and emotional years. Also Read - Sunny Leone Stuck Amid George Floyd Protests in LA, Says 'There Are Riots Everywhere And Rampant Looting in Stores'

Having bad allergies, animals were a big ‘no’ in the house despite Logan’s dream to own a dog. Before passing away at the age of 47 in January this year, Joe planned a tear-jerking pre-birthday surprise for his son. Also Read - Trump Administration to Suspend Flights by Chinese Airlines to US From June 16: Report

Getting his family on board, Joe delivered the surprise gift to Logan in a heart melting way. Logan was out with his mother and cousin one day, ahead of his thirteenth birthday. They had told Logan that they were heading north from their home to collect a puppy. Also Read - Google Provides Easy Access to Mental Health Amid COVID-19, Offers Self-Assessment Test to Fight Anxiety

Reaching a gas station on the way back, they told Logan that they wanted a picture of him holding the puppy in the car. Jon turned around and handed the little boy a cute Boston Terrier puppy. Keeping him on his lap thinking that they were going to take the canine to its owner, Logan broke into tears on learning that it was from his late father.

Jon Kavaluskis, Logan’s cousin, revealed to Logan about how his father wanted him to have a dog. “That’s from your dad. That’s your dog. Dad wanted you to have a puppy,” Jon tells Logan as the teenager looked with tears and disbelief in his eyes. “Do you love him?” Jon asks and Logan can’t help but nod frantically amidst tears as he held onto his new furry friend, Indy.

Watch Logan’s emotional moment here:

In an interview with InsideEdition.com, Logan’s mother Melanie Kavaluskis shared about her husband’s last wish. She shared, “He said, ‘Just promise that when I do pass, that you get Logan a puppy as soon as you can, because I know that it will bring him a lot of comfort.'”