A global webinar on COVID-19 started by Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh started seeing alumni of PGIMER come together from the US, UK and Italy to discuss their latest learnings on the coronavirus. The weekly hour-long webinar witnesses participation of doctors from St George’s Hospital, where UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was treated in London, North Well Health System Hospitals in New York, Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, St Thomas’ in London and Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, AIIMS in Delhi, SGPGI in Lucknow and Dayanand Medical College and Apollo in Punjab. Also Read - Delhi Unlock: From Restaurant Timings to New Rules For Bars, All Your FAQs Answered

In an interview with HT, Dr GD Puri from PGIMER’s covid management committee shared, “I don’t want to reveal the name of a drug, but, we were told about how a specific medicine used early during treatment has reduced mortality and decreased incidence of patients going on ventilator. Similarly, we have also shared our experiences. But, till you don’t randomise controlled trial, it is very difficult to say whether the drug is effective or if it’s patient management that is making the difference. So, it is difficult to pin point at one thing which is helping.” Also Read - World Music Day 2021: History, Significance And Inspirational Quotes by Well-Known Personalities

Started from the last week of March, the weekly webinar was initiated by the alumni group of the department of anesthesia, PGIMER. This was owing to the fact that the doctors in countries like US, UK and Italy, with thousands of cases reported, have more experience in dealing with COVID-19 patients than those in India. Also Read - Footprints of Last Dinosaurs To Walk on UK Soil 110 Million Years Ago Found in Kent

70 doctors participated in the webinar last weekend and Dr Puri revealed, “If we have any questions, we discuss those and then, we discuss patients with them. We discuss the latest research and findings of studies, so we can learn from their experience and try to implement what they have learnt via patient management.”

According to him, the Punjab government has also asked them to train their doctors using the webinar.