Paraipatti: Vijay Kumar, a resident of the Tamil Nadu has sought help from his friend Abdulkhuda Mohd Hanif Shaikh, who is residing in Gujarat to build a temple in his village. Also Read - Ram Temple: Work For Construction Begins in Ayodhya; Ram Lalla to Have Bullet-Proof Cover For Now

Abdulkhuda Mohd Hanif Shaikh, who also belongs to Tamil Nadu’s Paraipatti village and has been residing in Gujarat’ Bharuch for a decade has collected Rs 3 lakh from his friends as a donation to build the temple in Paraipatti village in Dindigul district. Also Read - Amid Delhi Violence, Amit Shah Offers Prayers at Puri's Shree Jagannath Temple Along With 3 Union Ministers

“They’d told me 4 months ago and came to me 10 days back. From Vapi to Mehsana, there are several Madrasis, even here in the village too. I personally went to them and collected around Rs 3 Lakh,” Shaikh said. Also Read - Tamil Nadu Temple Sets An Example, Allows Women To Worship During Menstruation

Vijay Kumar said that he stayed in Gujarat for ten days and collected Rs 3 Lakh with him.

“I had sought help from him. I stayed here in Gujarat for 10 days, and went with him from people to people and collected Rs 3 Lakh. No one lives like Hindus or Muslims in our village, everyone lives like friends,” he said.