After BJP MLAs in Uttar Pradesh were recently caught launching communal hatred, another arrogant and disgusting video has emerged from Gujarat of a BJP MLA Arvind Raiyani who was caught spitting inside a government-run community kitchen to feed the poor amidst COVID-19. Ironically, the same BJP leader had criticised Tablighi Jamaat members over fake videos of them spitting amid the coronavirus, news that was later busted by a series of police departments within Uttar Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh. Also Read - Mohena Kumari Singh on Being Tested Positive For COVID-19: 'There Are People Suffering Way More Than Us'

Sending hygiene measures for toss, Arvind was even seen defending his utterly disgusting act by claiming the property where he spat, to be his. In the video that made Twitterati explode with anger, Arvind can be seen can be seen removing his face mask and spitting inside the kitchen being run to prepare food for the poor in Rajkot during the nationwide lockdown. Also Read - Kuldeep Yadav Reveals Virat Kohli’s 'Best Quality', Says Learnt How to Manage Difficult Situations From Indian Skipper

When faced with public condemnation, Arvind reacted to his “mistake” by paying a fine of Rs 500 and released a photograph of Rajkot Municipal Corporation receipt for the same. He even had the audacity to sickening action by saying that he had spat inside his own property. In an interview with ANI, Arvind flaunted, “I spat in my property and not in government premises or road. However, I accept my mistake and I have paid Rs 500 as fine.” Also Read - 'They Are Terrorists And we Are Giving Them VIP Treatment': Video of Kanpur Medical College Principal Making Derogatory Remarks Against Tablighi Jamaat And Muslims Goes Viral

Taking to their respective Twitter handles, while one user wrote, “A deliberate attempt by @BJP4Gujarat MLA Arvind Raiyani. He has been spotted while spitting in kitchen where food is being prepared for needy people! This is BJP 4 u! (sic)”, another tweeted, “Rajkot (Gujarat) MLA and BJP leader Arvind Raiyani was caught on camera while spitting inside the govt run community kitchen where food for the poor is cooked. Will he spit on the kitchen floor in his house? Will BJP blame Muslims for this? (sic)” and yet another shared, “Pathetic! This is the behavior and Activity of an MLA – Arvind Raiyani. “Such an Uncivilized Thooker” (sic).”

Check out Twitter’s reaction on Arvind Raiyani’s height of negligence here:

Even though the Home Ministry, in its guidelines for extended lockdown, had made spitting in public places punishable with a fine as a part of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is not surprising to note that people like Arvind Raiyani can easily get away with negligence.