After Himalayas’ Dhauladhar range seen from Jalandhar in Punjab, Gangotri Hills glimpsed from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Kangchenjunga visible from Siliguri in West Bengal, a village in Bihar woke up to the dreamy view of the majestic Mount Everest for the first time in ages. With humans caged inside their houses and pollution levels going down drastically due to the ongoing lockdown courtesy the COVID-19 pandemic, nature is having a gala time healing itself and the recent proof is Singhwahini village in Sitamarhi district of Bihar. Also Read - Bihar Artist Makes Sand Art Seeking Justice For Kerala Elephant, Calls the Incident a 'Blot on Humanity'

Taking to her Twitter handle, Mukhiya of Gram Panchayat Singhwahini, Ritu Jaiswal shared a picture taken from the terrace of her house which features the beautiful mighty snow-capped peaks rising out of the mist. She elaborated in the caption, “हम सीतामढ़ी जिले के अपने गाँव #सिंहवाहिनी में अपने छत से #MtEverest देख सकते हैं आज। प्रकृति खुद को संतुलित कर रही है। नेपाल के नज़दीक वाले पहाड़ तो बारिश के बाद साफ मौसम में कभी कभी दिख जाते थे। असल हिमालय के दर्शन अपने गाँव से आज पहली बार हुए।#NatureisBalancing@KashishBihar (Today we can see #MtEverest from our terrace in our village #Singhwahini in Sitamarhi district. Nature is balancing itself. The mountains close to Nepal were sometimes seen in clear weather after the rain. The first sight of the original Himalayas came from our village today. # NatureisBalancing @ KashishBihar)” sic. Also Read - COVID-19: Cardiff Half Marathon Postponed Till March 2021

Making Twitterati’s jaws drop in awe, the picture started trending viral as it left the netizens mesmerised. While one user asked, “Madam how do you confirm is this mount Everest??? (sic)”, Ritu clarified, “Becasue definitely when we can see snowy peak of the Himalayas, the highest ones can only be scene and everest is in the north east of our village and this pic is of north east. And my husband in their childhood used to see everest in 80s. So we are sure that its the same. (sic)”. Another asked, “Did it rain before you took this picture. Why I asked is, I am from Chennai and I get to see thirupathi Hills from Chennai when we have rains a night before (sic)” to which Ritu replied, “Yes definitely but earlier after rains it were not visible. Only those smalls hills nearby within 40 kms were rarely visible. But this one is marvel and reduction in pollution rains clear sky collectively made it possible (sic).”

Ritu also asserted how she had asked the experts and then took the help of Google maps to ascertain that it was indeed Mount Everest that were visible from her terrace. Located near the Indo-Nepal border region, the Sitamarhi district in Bihar is a part of the Tirhut Division of the state, geographically. As per the Google Maps, while the aerial distance from this village is approximately 194 kms, the distance between Sitamarhi and Mount Everest is approximately 205 km.