Amid a spike in coronavirus cases in the US, President Donald Trump has once again targeted the Black Lives Matter protest and blamed the nationwide agitations as the reason for surging Covid-19 cases. Notably, the BLM protests which jolted the nation and made global headlines was triggered by the May 25 death of George Floyd under police custody, Also Read - Donald Trump Tweets Image of Himself Wearing Mask, Says 'Nobody More Patriotic Than Me, Your Favourite President'

In an address to media on Wednesday, Trump suggested that young people demonstrating against police brutality and racism are the cause for the increase in cases, which have been seen in about 30 states across the country over the recent weeks, the Metro newspaper reported.

“There are likely a number of causes for the spike in infections. Cases started to rise among young Americans shortly after demonstrations which you know very well about. Which presumably triggered a broader relaxation of mitigation efforts nationwide and a substantial increase in travel.”

Soon after his statements went viral, people slammed him online saying that there are no facts or evidence to support his comments.

Many also questioned Trump as to why New York City, which saw some of the largest protests in the country in the wake of Floyd’s death, has since flattened the curve while hospitalizations and deaths have dropped amid the ongoing demonstrations.

Further, the President also blamed Mexico for the recent spike, and said, “Sharing a 2,000 mile border with Mexico, as we know very well, and cases are surging in Mexico unfortunately… It’s a big problem for Mexico.”

The US currently accounts for the world’s highest number of COVID-19 infections and fatalities at 3,967,917 and 143,147, respectively.

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