Mumbai, Oct 4: Jagjit Singh’s Koi Fariyad from Tum Bin became an instant hit when released and the inspired Teri Fariyad version in the second installment of Tum Bin called Tum Bin 2 (what else?) released on Tuesday, is far cry from the original. In fact it would be no exaggeration to say that composer Ankit Tiwari and singer Rekha Bharadwaj have completely ruined the Jagjit Singh song. Why the makers even think of touching something as good as Koi Fariyad is known only to them. Teri Fariyad is actually another good example of how to destroy a classic song. But Hindi film industry has been doing this for quite some time and they care two hoots about it. Also Read - Rekha Bharadwaj-Harshdeep Kaur Withdraw Names From Shaan-e-Pakistan Gala, Ali Fazal Cancels Jashn-E-Rekhta in Dubai

Comparisons are inevitable when touch anything classic and Koi Fariyad falls in that category. The original version penned by Faaiz Anwar and composed by Nikhil-Vinay had Jagjit Singh behind the mike in the nine minute long sad song. The song in Tum Bin was used in parts to add to the situation as the female lead comes to terms with the sudden loss of her boyfriend. The whole impact of Jagjit Singh’s golden voice and the visuals enhanced the composition. Teri Fariyad on the other hand portrays the female lead torn between the two men in her life. The whole idea of getting renowned singer Rekha Bharadwaj on board was to add more to the classic song. However, her part in the song fails to connect with the Jagjit Singh version. It is only when Jagjit Singh’s voice comes after her two opening lines you realise what a big disappointment this whole experience is going to be. Even on YouTube visitors are disappointed with Rekha Bharadwaj and some even suggested Shreya Ghoshal would have sounded better. Also Read - Jagjit Singh's Birth Anniversary: A Look at 5 Soul-Stirring Melodies of The Ghazal King

These days it has become a fashion of sorts to take old song, buy the rights and use the song with more beats or alternate version. Disco Deewane, Har Kisiko Nahin Milta, Aaj  Phir Tumpe, Ae Mere Humsafar are some of the examples in the recent times when composers added their flavour to the old hit song. The music directors claim it is their creativity that has given the old song a fresh lease of life. But if they were really creative why can’t they come up with something new or original? The teaser of Teri Fariyad had sent the expectations sky rocketing but those who have heard the original Jagjit Singh version of Koi Fariyad will run in the opposite direction after listening to Ankit Tiwari’s version Teri Fariyad. ALSO READ Flashy West Indies cricketer Dwayne Bravo turns Bollywood singer for Tum Bin 2! Also Read - Abhay Deol Says The Main Obstacle of #MeToo Movement in The Country is The Law Which Works Slowly

What is most disappointing is the fact that Ankit Tiwari, who has got his first independent film as music composer, is behind Teri Fariyad. He is the same singer-composer whose claim to fame is Sun Raha Hai Tu from Aashiqui 2. The sequel makers did not touch the music from the Mahesh Bhatt directed original. Barring the shot using the coat and lead pair hiding behind it, there was nothing to even suggest that it was sequel. All the songs were fresh and which perhaps explain why all the songs were chartbusters and even remain on the playlist of the music lovers. Tiwari has used bits and pieces from the original composition and added his mix of instruments and the result is not that pleasant.

The impact of Priyanshu Chatterjee in rich baritone telling Sandali Sinha ‘Janta hoon aapko sahare ki zaroorat nahin. Main sirf saath dene aaya hoon’ in Tum Bin fails to match ‘Pyar reasonable nahin hota. Bas bewajah hota hai’ in Tum Bin 2. Music of Tum Bin was a huge hit and the album had some really good memorable songs – others being Chhoti chhoti raatein, Tumhare siva or Tum Bin. The first song from Tum Bin 2 is a big disappointment to say the least and lets just keep our fingers crossed that Ankit Tiwari does not disappoint the next time.

Watch the video of Teri Fariyad sung by Jagjit Singh, Rekha Bharadwaj and featuring Neha Sharma, Aditya Seal, Aashim Gulati.

If you are wondering what was so beautiful about Koi Fariyad or why Teri Fariyad is no match for the original composition here is the original song in Jagjit Singh’s velvet voice. We leave it to you to decide which version of the song is better. Do let us know in the comments section below your views on Koi Fariyad vs Teri Fariyad.