The makers of Game of Thrones have released the trailer of the fifth episode of the final season. The trailer is about the big battle between Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. It shows the intensity building up between the armies of Cersei and Danny. While Jon Snow comes to defend his queen, Cersei has got Euron Greyjoy and the Golden company. Also Read - #1: Scam 1992 Smashes IMDb Record, Beats Breaking Bad, Chernobyl, And GoT in Ratings

The video features stills in which Jon is seen anticipating the bloodbath with those tensed expressions on his face while Cersei continues to smirk – all confident about winning the iron throne. The most striking scene in the preview of episode 5 from Game of Thrones season 6 has Euron looking up at the sky as the sound of screaming Drogon is heard in the background. It signifies that Drogon is gearing up to launch an attack at the Greyhoy fleet. Also Read - Amul Celebrates Ramayan's World Record of Highest Viewed Entertainment Program Globally, Beats The Big Bang Theory-Game of Thrones

In the latest episode of the show – episode 4, it was shown that Jon Snow finally reveals the truth of his parentage to his siblings – Arya Stark and Sansa Stark. The most special moment from the episode remains the passionate lovemaking between Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth. This was followed by the heartache when Daenerys’ dragon Rhaegal dies along with her best friend and advisor Missandei of Naath. In another scene, Gendry proposes to Arya but she refuses to get married. Also Read - Hafthor Bjornsson Aka 'The Mountain' From Game of Thrones Breaks World Deadlifting Record

Meanwhile, only two episodes are left to release before the big and the last season of one of the most popular fantasy series go away. The last two episodes are expected to be even more interesting and emotional. As per a few fan theories, the makers might just release a spin-off show after finishing GoT. It is being said that the creators might actually focus on the Night King and dedicate a separate show on his history, the evolution of his army and how his dreadful existence came into being. Watch out!