They say there are atleast 6 people around the world who look like us and with millions of social media users, the Internet has been quite successful in locating atleast one doppelganger of famous celebrities if not all six. The lastest to climb the bandwagon is nurse Ashley from Nashville who made fans drop their jaws in awe at her uncanny resemblance to Taylor Swift.Also Read - Viral Video: Rajinikanth's Look Alike Tries to Pull Off Stunt But Fails Miserably, Video Will Crack You Up | Watch

Just when the Love Story pop singer took the Internet by storm with her new album ‘Folklore’, her doppelganger Ashley trended viral across the Internet not just for her striking resemblance with Swift but also for belonging to the latter’s hometown, Nashville. A registered nurse from Tennessee, Ashley has amassed a huge fan following on social media courtesy her likeness to Swift. Also Read - 'He's Our Prince Charming': Twin Sisters Get Engaged to Their Shared Boyfriend During a Romantic Picnic

She grabbed netizens’ eyeballs ever since she shared a video on TikTok where she claimed how people in Nashville constantly mistook her for the superstar. If her looks and place of residence were not similar enough, Ashley’s social media accounts, “traumarn13,” matches the 30-year-old star’s Twitter and Instagram handles “taylorswift13”. Also Read - Donald Trump Seen Singing & Selling Ice-Cream in Pakistan; Oh Wait, That's His Doppelganger | Watch

With the same mousy-blond shade of hair that spots the same signature bob cut, Ashley has the same wide eyes and pouty lips like that of You Belong With Me singer.

Check out Ashley’s TikTok video and other pictures here:

One fan commented, “You could be her twin sister OMG!” while another joked, “I thought I had just come across Taylor Swift’s TikTok” and yet another wrote, “So you’re telling me you’re NOT Taylor Swift. Wild.” Yet, some were not convinced and brushed off the buzz by commenting, “you obviously got the same kind of haircut to look more like her” and “Maybe don’t copy her hair and makeup then”, while another outrightly expressed, “she doesn’t look anything like Taylor.”

On another note, Taylor Swift took fans by surprise as she dropped her latest album, Folklore, that was conceived in relative secret and by herself during the coronavirus pandemic. Needless to say, the song has already climbed the chartbusters given its deviation from the top 40 trajectory that Swift set herself upon six years ago.