Beginning on Saturday June 13, 2020, Twitter trend #ExposeBillGates gained steam after activist groups and non-partisan coalition of alternative media organizations reportedly called for a Global Day of Action to spill the beans on Microsoft Corporation’s co-founder Bill Gates‘ alleged crimes against humanity and to control his agenda. By Sunday, Twitter broke like never before as netizens trended #ExposeBillGates by spilling out his alleged crimes on the Internet.Also Read - Beware! AICTE Issues Warning To Students, Stakeholders of Two Fake Websites

As per, “Gates’ family also has ties to discredited eugenics science and believes billionaires like him should help reduce the world’s population.” Sharing links to “The Bill Gates documentary series” from The Corbett Report, the activists also encouraged netizens to read “The Bill Gates investigation” from The Last American Vagabond. Also Read - After Filing FIR, Delhi Police Seeks Action Against Twitter For Delaying Probe Into Child Porn Content

By Sunday, over 178k Twitterati were tweeting about exposing Bill Gates. Taking to their respective handles on the micro-blogging site, while one user sarcastically wrote, “Hello Useless Eaters! As your unqualified, non-elected, Global Human Health Overlord, I like to flaunt my position of power to decide who gets to live and more importantly …. who gets to die.”#ExposeBillGates#Covid19 #SayNoToBillGates (sic)”, another tweeted, “We are being systematically poisoned by Bill Gates. #ExposeBillGates (sic)” and yet another lashed, “#ExposeBillGates Why is he not in prison for crimes against humanity and practicing medicine without a license (sic).” Also Read - Students of This University Have Received Over 8500 Job Offers From 1400 Recruiters, Highest Salary Package at Rs 42 Lakh

Check out Twitter’s reaction here:

Last month, hacker activist group or hacktivists – Anonymous re-emerged on May 31 enraged with George Floyd’s murder and criticising the US police system, decided to expose its many crimes to the world. Going on, Anonymous furbished ‘proof’ against everything the Internet had asked including separate files on US President Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein’s child trafficking ring. Apart from Trump, Anonymous named celebrities like Bill Gates, Naomi Campbell, Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker, the Kennedy’s and Mick Jagger’s involvement with Epstein while also calling out the Princes, countless CEOs and other influential and powerful people. All this connected dots to Epstein’s fearlessness in facing prosecution when he was alive.