US President Donald Trump has officially been discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center following his coronavirus diagnosis and he is back at the White House. Upon his return, Trump removed his mask for a photo op, despite still being very much infected with a highly contagious disease. However, it was not a pretty scene. Also Read - 'Don't Let it Dominate You', COVID-Stricken Trump Removes Mask After Leaving Hospital, Vows to Get Back on Campaign Trail

Videos show Trump climbing a set of stairs at the White House after being discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center and appearing to take several deep breaths.

One user wrote, “Trump climbs a few steps to the White House, takes off his mask and then is visibly gasping and having difficulty breathing while he tries to wave and pretend everything is fine.”

Watch the video:

Many slammed him for removing his mask for the photo-op and also risking his family and staff to the infectious disease. Many opined that he should have stayed at the hospital itself instead of returning to the White House.

The video has gone viral and #GaspingForAir began trending on Twitter as many Americans believe the president’s condition is worse than he wants people to believe.

According to Reuters, Donald Trump’s medical team has confirmed that he is not entirely “out of the woods yet” but was able to go home, adding that his oxygen levels are normal and he will get his fifth dose of Remdesivir at White House.

Here is how people reacted: