As the price of diesel surpasses the price of petrol for the first time in decades and fuel prices blow off the roof for the 19th consecutive day, netizens expressed their anger on Bollywood celebrities Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher over their old tweets where they had taken a jibe on the same. In 2011 and 2012 when the fuel prices hiked, the three actors had boldly criticised the government but their silence over the same now has left many infuriated.Also Read - Fact Check: Did You Get An E-mail By RBI Offering Rs 4.62 Crores? Know The Truth Behind It

For the first time in decades, after maintaining a price difference of nearly Rs 30, diesel has turned costlier than petrol in the national capital and made it the most expensive transport fuel. Rising by Rs 0.14 for the 19th day straight, the cost for diesel stood at Rs 80.02/litre while petrol price increased by Rs 0.16 and stood at Rs 79.92/litre in the national capital. Also Read - Lord Jagannath's Photo On KitKat Wrapper Sparks Online Outrage, Nestle India Says Packs Withdrawn

In no time, Bachchan and other celebs’ old tweets, mocking the price hike, became a top trend on Twitter. While Akshay had tweeted in 2011, “Couldn’t even get to my house at nite for all of Mumbai was queuing up for #petrol before the prices rocketed again”, in 2012 he tweeted again against the same but later deleted the tweet in 2018 after being trolled for his silence on the rising prices back then too. Also Read - Aadhaar Card Needed To Get Subsidy of Rs 25 Per Litre On Fuel In Jharkhand From Jan 26 | Details Here

Similarly, Big B and Anupam Kher too had criticised the government with their sarcastic jibes on fuel price hike in 2012.

Angry at the hypocrisy, netizens held them up on Twitter. While one user tweeted, “Where have all these wise cracks and Lols disappeared? Do we now live in an age where making puerile wise cracks also requires great courage?”, another asked, “Hello @SrBachchan ji ur *Zameer* is still alive ?? #Petrolhike” and yet another challenged, “Where are this True nationalists???”

Check out Twitter’s reaction on the fuel price hike here:

Meanwhile, in Mumbai petrol prices have increased to Rs 86.54 per litre, while diesel costs Rs 78.22. In Kolkata, petrol is retailing for Rs 81.45 per litre and diesel at Rs 75.06; and in Chennai, petrol is being sold at Rs 83.04, whereas diesel at Rs 77.17 per litre.