Ever since Twitter was launched 14 years ago, users of the microblogging platform have longed for an edit button, but in vain! Every time Twitter provides users with new features and updates, people bombard the platform with repeated request tweets that they want the edit button first and foremost. But despite repeated requests, Twitter has refrained from doing so.Also Read - Amazon Driver Quits His Job Midway via Twitter, Leaves Package-Filled Van With Keys in the Ignition!

However, Twitter now says that it will bring the edit button bunder one condition — when everyone wears a mask. ”You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask,” wrote Twitter on Friday, urging users to to wear a mask amid the pandemic. 

In a second tweet, Twitter emphasized on the word ‘Everyone’ and wrote,  “Everyone means EVERYONE.”

Well, users were certainly amused with the condition with many saying that it’s indeed a motivation for them to start wearing masks. “Ok, Twitter has now given me one reason not to wear a mask,” columnist Doug Saunders said.

“Ok, I’m going to stop wearing a mask then because an edit button would be utter chaos and everyone at Twitter has always known it,” journalist Michael Tracey jokingly wrote.

However, we aren’t sure if everyone out there is really going to wear a mask so just don’t expect an edit button anytime soon! Check out the reactions:


According to Digital Trends, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had previously said that his team has been “thinking a lot” about creating an edit button, but added that it needs to be “done in the right way.”

However, in a January interview this year, he told Wired earlier this year that the company would “probably never” add the edit feature as it could aid in the spread of misinformation.