A recent ruling by the Karnataka bench of Authority for Advance Rulings distinguished between parotas and rotis, arguing the consumption styles of the two Indian flatbreads. Since parotas need to be heated before consumption, AAR ruled that they will attract a higher tax and be subjected to 18 per cent GST while the rotis enjoy five per cent GST. Also Read - Jackie Shroff's Make-up Man of 37 Years Dies, Actor Calls Him His 'Soulmate'

Slamming the rulling, Twitter told AAR to take its ‘hands off porotta’ as it trended a similar worded hashtag on Friday. While one user wrote, “Stop playing with our food culture. Porotta AKA Malabar Parota is national food of Keralites. Imposing 18% GST on it is totally unacceptable. Stop Food racism #HandsOffPorotta (sic)”, another tweeted, “You cant dictate us what to eat and you cant increase the price of what we like to eat. Whatever authority of Karnataka, take your #HandsOffPorotta.. (sic)” and yet another lashed, “Wowww… So Chappatti and Rotis only 5% GST (essential item) while Kerala Porottas will carry 18% GST (luxury item). What’s next? Appam and Pazhampori having 28% GST? #HandsOffPorotta” sic. Also Read - A Doctor Loved by All: When Dr KK Aggarwal's Viral Video Left Netizens In Splits | Watch

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As per a report in TOI, AAR stated, “The products under heading 1905 (rotis) are already prepared or completely cooked products, they are ready-to-use food preparations. On the other hand, parotas need to be heated before consumption.” Thus, the AAR held that parotas do not merit classification under heading 1905 and are not covered by Entry 99A in Schedule I of 2017 GST Notifications where five percent GST is applicable on either roti, khakra or plain chappatti.