New Delhi: A picture of senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor standing beside bride and groom at a wedding is doing rounds on social media with Twitterati taking jibes at him. Disappointed with the trolls, the Thiruvananthapuram MP hit back at them, saying ‘insulting a young couple on their wedding day to take cheap shots at their guest is disgraceful’.Also Read - Who Will Get Absolute Majority in Punjab? Watch Zee News Opinion Poll LIVE at 7 PM

“I am used to being trolled by an organized brigade of Bhakts & I can take it, knowing it comes with the territory. But dragging non-political people into your malice is not cool,” he said. Also Read - Zee Opinion Poll For Kumaun (Uttarakhand): Congress Emerges as Single Largest Party; AAP Likely To Win 10 Seats

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Later a user asked him ‘what he meant by ‘bhakts’ and which god’s devotees are trolling him? Responding sharply to this, Tharoor said, “Bhakti towards the divine is to be respected. Bhakti towards a political leader or cause, especially in the name of religion, is deplorable. Bhakts’ in the latter sense refers to the devotees of the Sangh Parivar & Moditva.”

In the viral photo, Tharoor, wearing a pink-colored safa can be seen standing along with the bride Chahat Dalal, a pilot and the groom Abhishek Kulkarni, MD and group CEO of Urbane Media Network. Take  a look at the picture below:

Recently, Tharoor was trolled over various posts of his, from a photo with six women parliamentarians to wrongly describing sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan as a sitar player.  On the first day of winter session, Tharoor, had shared a photo with women MPs of Parliament with the caption,”Who says the Lok Sabha isn’t an attractive place to work?”,  triggering a controversy with many netizens accusing him of sexism.

Later, Tharoor apologised for offending ‘some people’. He also defended himself, saying the ‘whole selfie thing’ was done at the women MPs’ initiative in “great good humour and it was they who asked me to tweet it in the same spirit”.