New Delhi: In a bizarre viral video, two men cutting a birthday cake using a pistol had gone viral over social media recently. Following the incident, Hapur police had arrested the two men in connection to the video. Also Read - Woman Vs Woman Fight Video Goes Viral, After Baghpat's 'Einstein Chacha' with Quirky Hairstyle Sparks Memes

Hapur police took to Twitter to notify about the arrest and wrote in Hindi, “In connection with a viral video on social media celebrating the birthday party by cutting a cake with pistol, Hapur police has taken quick action and arrested two accused, from whose possession the country made pistol used in cutting the cake was also recovered. Also Read - This Kuchipudi Dancer Donated Hair to Cancer Patients, Says 'Whoever Said Beauty Lies in the Hair was so Wrong'

The video that went viral was a 20 -second clip which showed a crowd of men and youngsters around several cakes during a birthday celebration. And amid the cheers, a young man dressed in a red sweatshirt draws out what appears to be a country-made pistol and proceeds to cut the cake with its front end. As the man cut the cake with the pistol, the cheering of the guests grew louder while another man joined him and cut the cake with the pistol. Also Read - Man Gets Bottle of Urine in his Food Order, Company Issues Apology

After the arrests were made, Hapur police also shared photos of the arrested men flanked by policemen and also a photo of the cake being cut with the pistol.