Venice: A fun-filled trip of two Slovenian tourists was cut short after they were spotted roaming around the city of Venice with two ostrich-like birds, much to the annoyance of residents. Also Read - World's Largest Bird Isn't Ostrich, Its Giant Vegetarian 10-feet Tall Elephant Avian

Not only were they fined €400 each, they were also barred from entering Venice for two days and were put on a train back to San Donà del Piave. Also Read - 25 years for Tanzanian ostrich egg smugglers

On Thursday, cops of Venice were swamped with calls of people reporting sightings of ostriches wandering among tourists along the streets of the Canareggio area. It was later found out that the ostrich-like birds were actually rheas, which are native to South America, according to a Guardian report. Also Read - New Dinosaur With Characteristics of Duck, Crocodile And Ostrich

Following a number of complains, cops eventually tracked the tourists down close to the train station.

The owners of the birds later apologised to everyone for the inconvenience caused. Kmetija Cetin, one of the owners said: “They are not dangerous animals, we breed them to play with children.”

On Saturday, Cetin posted a photo of the birds, which are named as Nina & Nande and wrote, ”THE BEGINNING OF THE ADVENTURE. Nina & Nande buy train tickets to Venice”.

Previously too, Cetin had shared another photo of the birds during their outing to Venice and wrote “My nandus, in love, in Venice, the city of love and carnival masks.”

As per a Guardian report, Venetian authorities have become increasingly tough on anyone perceived to be delinquent tourists.