Ever since countries across the world began their mass COVID-19 vaccine programmes, it was decided that frontline healthcare staff and senior citizens will get the first doses. This meant that others would have to wait for their turns to get vaccinated. However, seems like some people are in mood to wait, because just last week, two women dressed up as elderly women so they could get the coronavirus vaccine. The women aged 34 and 44 respectively, donned gloves, glasses and bonnets to receive the jab at the Orange County Convention Center.Also Read - Bizarre: Woman & Her Kids Drink Their Own Urine As Covid-19 Cure After Watching Fake Video

Dr Raul Pino, from the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, said the pair were busted when they tried to get their second shot on Wednesday, adding that it was not known how they managed to get their first dose, Associated Press reported. Pino said: “They did have a valid CDC card, vaccination card, there was some issues with their IDs and driver’s licence.”

In a video provided by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy could be heard saying, “You know what you’ve done? You’ve stolen a vaccine from somebody that needs it more than you. And now you’re not going to get your second one. So that’s a whole waste of time we just wasted here on this.”

Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Michelle Guido told the Orlando Sentinel that the women altered their birth years on their vaccination registrations to bypass the state system, which prioritizes people age 65 and older. ”Their names matched their registration but not their dates of birth,” she told the newspaper.

Both the women were issued trespass warnings. Guido said the warning means they can’t return to the convention center for any reason, including a vaccine, COVID-19 test, convention or show. If they do return, they could face arrest. He further said the Health Department’s investigation will try to determine where they were vaccinated earlier and how they managed to get an appointment. He said the department will “try to figure out if there are any holes, any loopholes, in the process that are allowing people to do that.”