Ahmedabad: US President Donald Trump arrived in India to a rousing welcome extended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Gujarat airport. On this biggest event of the day, it would be interesting to note the similarities both the leaders share, which have helped them forge a close personal bond. Also Read - 'Atithi Devo Bhava', Replies PM Modi After Trump's Hindi Tweet

The journey of Trump’s maiden visit to India began in Ahmedabad, with hundreds of thousands people greeting the President in a massive roadshow in the city. India has left no stone to showcase the world the chemistry between both countries. Also Read - Trump's Visit Won't Make 'an Iota of Difference' in Lives of Poor: Shiv Sena on US President's India Visit

In Ahmedabad, large billboards bearing the words “two dynamic personalities, one momentous occasion” and “two strong nations, one great friendship” have been installed across the city. Also Read - 'On Our Way, Will Meet in Few Hours,' Donald Trump Tweets in Hindi Shortly Before His Arrival in India

All said, the two leaders have been time and again compared to each other. Trump, 73, and Modi, 69, both are popular leaders and hailed for their charismatic personalities. While the former is the son of a property tycoon, the latter is a descendant of a poor tea-seller.

Let’s have a look at similarities they share:

Trump, in his stint as the US President, has kept his focus on the crackdown on migrants, which includes travel ban on various Muslim-majority nations. In what may be seen as a somewhat similar attempt, Modi, in India, has sought to exclude Muslims– while making way for immigrants from other religions– through his contentious Citizenship Act.

Both leaders have emphasised on trade protectionist policies. For Trump, it is “America First”, Modi follows “Made in India” mantra.

Critics have hailed the pair as part of a global club of strongmen with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro.

Both leaders have over the years forged closer bonds between the two nations.

The Kashmir issue, which has been the most pressing issue for India, mostly also, due to the revocation of Article 370 which made headlines across the world last year, has been extended support to by the US President.

Most importantly, a mega ‘Namaste Trump’ rally at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad is modelled after the ‘Howdy, Modi’ Houston event which took place last year. Both the leaders then shared the dias for the first time, the same is likely to be witnessed at the stadium today.

Also, analysts believe that the success of Trump’s India visit will have contours in his re-election campaign for Presidential elections in America. The visit is being said to have a positive impact on people of Indian origin in the US.