Nature surprises us in the most amazing ways and sometimes it puts us in situations that are nothing short of miracles. Like this beautiful looking thing in the sky which is actually a type of cloud formation but one can easily mistake it for a UFO or a glowing pancake-like item. Also Read - UFO Sightings Are Real, US Navy Confirms Authenticity of Three Video Clips: Report

A picture shared by the Washington Post on social media showed a bright yellow-orange-red structure in the sky in the shape of a flying disc in Weed, California. With so many reported sightings of the UFOs in the US, this could easily be mistaken as just another alleged sighting. Only it was not! Also Read - Chinese Spotted UFO With a Glowing Fiery Tail Streak, Netizens Share Proof During Naval Exercise

It was actually a cloud known as ‘Lennies’ or ‘Lenticular cloud’ which is formed in the hilly areas with confusing wind-patterns. Weed is a hilly terrain located in northern California, near the volcanic mountain named Mount Shashta. It is because of the location which is near California’s fifth highest peak that the formation of Lennies is quite normal in Weed. However, the latest picture of a Lennie garnered attention because most Lennies that are formed in Weed are white and the bright shade of the cloud that appeared this time was strikingly different.

Another stunning wonder of nature!