Ludhiana: A rather strange event was witnessed in Punjab’s Ludhiana on Thursday as several people claimed that they saw an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the sky. The shiny unidentified object became a source of intrigue and excitement for many, as residents captured videos of it and shared it on social media. As evident in the pictures and videos, an object with shiny lights can be seen moving in the night sky. However, there is no concrete evidence of it being an UFO or alien, and it very well could be an aircraft or something. Nevertheless, citizens were intrigued with the object, with many speculating that it could be a meteor, while others are asking for more information on it. Also Read - Pakistani Pilot Spots Very Shiny UFO in the Sky, Says Could be a 'Space Station' or 'Artificial Planet' | Watch

One user on Instagram wrote, ”Did you spot something around 9:00-9:05 pm in the city sky tonight!! Many people who witnessed it are claiming it to be either plane & some calling it meteor !!We are NOT sure what exactly it was!! If someone knows what it was, do comment!

Watch the video here:

Many others also captured the alleged UFO and shared it on Twitter. Here are those videos:

In a similar sighting across the border, a pilot of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) captured a picture of a very shiny, unidentified flying object (UFO) while operating a regular flight (Airbus A-320) from Karachi to Lahore, last month.  According to the pilot, the thing he spotted in the sky was not a planet but could be a “space station” or an “artificial planet” near the Earth. Several other residents of the area also claimed to have spotted the shiny UFO and made videos of it.

Whether aliens do exist or not we will never know for sure unless they decide to make an appearance. The excitement over UFOs landing on Earth grew when in the summer of 1947 it was reported that an alien spacecraft had crash-landed in New Mexico’s Roswell.