Wedding proposals are the best, aren’t they–Candles, flowers, wine and the promise of being with your loved one forever! However, a British man’s wedding proposal plan turned into a complete disaster as he ended up burning his house! Also Read - A Bride Runs For Life During Wedding Photoshoot While Migrant Woman Saves Child: Viral Videos Show Horror of Beirut Blast | Watch

Well, it so happened that Albert Ndre in a romantic gesture, lit hundreds of tea-light candles and filled his room with balloons before proposing to his girlfriend. He even spelt out “Marry me?” with flaming tea lights on the floor, coupled with a bottle of wine and a romantic playlist.

After it was perfectly done, he went to fetch his girlfriend from work. However, when he returned home with her, he was shocked to see his flat enveloped in flames! Turns out, after he left the candles and tea lights unattended, that set his apartment on fire.

The South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, who saved the apartment shared the story of this couple on their social media accounts, explaining what exactly happened.

“Look closely. What do you see? That’s right, hundreds of tea light candles! Want to know what happened here? We thought you did. It involves a romantic proposal that didn’t quite go to plan, and includes an important lesson around candle use,” they wrote.

“With the scene set, he went round the corner to pick his girlfriend up, ready for the big moment. As they returned, though, their flat was on fire. The culprit? Yep, you guessed it, the tea lights…”, the fire department further wrote.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported, but the department warned people to take this incident as a lesson. They mentioned that people should never leave candles unattended and be extra cautious.

Meanwhile, determined to propose to his girlfriend, Ndre got down on one knee to propose and she said, “Yes.”

As per Fox News, the future groom explained that he had been planning the proposal for over two weeks, and had spent more than four hours setting up space.

The story of this couple has now gone viral, with one person saying, “And they say falling in love isn’t dangerous … he found his eternal flame.”

The couple now hopes to wed on the anniversary of the house fire, and plan to invite members of the local fire department as the guests of honour.