What can be more unfortunate than having a name that reminds you of the biggest tragedy ever? For 38-year-old Jimmy Korona, his surname has become a constant source of irritation as people think that is some sort of a pandemic joke, and laugh at him.Also Read - Smash The Patriarchy: Hundreds of Homes in UP's Muzaffarnagar Install Nameplates With Daughters' Names

Recently, when he welcomed his son into the world, he was asked for an identification proof because doctors and medics couldn’t believe his name. He had to convince them that it was his real surname and not a prank. What’s more, is that he has named his son Jimmy Joseph Korona, so double the convincing!

Now, he has to take proof of identification everywhere he goes, as people assume he’s pulling a prank when he tells them his name.

Before the pandemic,  he never had a problem with his surname, but since the outbreak of coronavirus, people refuse to take him seriously.

“Nobody can believe my name is Korona with the coronavirus pandemic about. People down the pub come up and say that they can’t believe my name is Korona. Nobody believes me apart from those that I’ve known for years,” he told Mirror.

“So I show them my bank card or passport to prove that’s my name, and it’s always been my name. It feels weird hearing my name everywhere. It just feels dead strange hearing your name being said over and over”, he added.