Weymouth: You will be amazed to know that there are still a huge number of unexploded bombs in the world, left over from World War II! And one of these bombs was accidentally discovered by a woman in UK’s Weymouth who had absolutely no idea what it was. Also Read - Bill Gates Says COVID-19 Pandemic Will Define This Era, Calls it 'World War Except we're All on Same Side'

Recently, 49-year-old Lulu Cirillo was gardening at her home when her spade hit a hard object in the soil buried around 10 inches deep. Presuming that it was just a muddy stone, she tossed it around for her dog to play with.

However, still curious about the large stone, she later took it inside and posted its picture on Facebook to ask people what they thought it was.

To her shock, many Facebook users suggested that it was a bomb, leaving her extremely terrified.

She told the BBC: “I thought it was a stone so I threw it. It was muddy – I never thought it could be a bomb.”

She immediately called the police and returned it quickly to the garden before it was taken away by bomb disposal experts.

The squad later detonated the bomb on Weymouth Beach and posted a video of the same on Facebook with the caption: “If anyone was wondering what the loud bang was just before 9 pm, we were assisting EOD with a controlled explosion on the beach! Everything in order, the cordons that were in place for everyone’s safety were soon lifted. Thank you to members of the public for their cooperation.”