Chennai: The coronavirus lockdown has unfortunately, resulted in one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our times, with millions of people in India fighting hunger and destitution. In such times, when people are struggling to have even one decent meal, those with pet animals are finding it increasingly difficult to feed them, and are forced to abandon them.Also Read - Could Dogs Help Detect COVID-19? Canines Are Being Trained in UK to Sniff Out Virus

However, one woman in Chennai has gone above and beyond to feed her 13 pet dogs, presenting a true picture of unconditional love! To ensure her dogs have enough to eat, she eats only once during the day and saves the rest for them.

According to a TOI report, A. Meena, works as a cook and has been living with all her dogs in a two-room house for the last 21 years. Knowing that the lockdown would lead to a shortage of food, she tried to get some advance salary and stocked up rice and pedigree.

“I felt very awkward asking my owners for a salary advance. But I was lucky. Two house owners gave two months’ salary in advance. They knew that I have a family of 13 dogs to take care of,” Meena told The Times of India.

She further said, ”I am not very fond of food. Whatever I get I share with my dogs. But now I must be a little careful. I eat once a day and I save the rest for my dogs.”

Being a dog lover, Meena also used to feed stray dogs outside her house, however, she is not able to do so because of the limited food stock.

Waiting for the situation to change, she is hoping that things will become normal soon.