Former Indian cricketer and current coach of the Under 19 Indian team Rahul Dravid has finally done what he set out to do. When he retired from the Indian cricket team he chose to coach and mentor of the Under 19 team instead of focusing and training the national side because he believed that the youngsters needed more mentorship and guidance. Today, Rahul Dravid finally laid his hands on a World Cup, a trophy that he could not hold in his stellar batting career. When Twitterati saw Rahul Dravid holding the Under 19 Cricket World Cup trophy they could not keep calm and their tweets and reactions were fabulous. Many said that looking at Rahul Dravid holding the World Cup is the most satisfying feeling ever and the World Cup deserves him.Also Read - Rahul Dravid Replacing Ravi Shastri as Team India Head Coach Was 'On The Cards', Reckons Ex-Pakistan Cricketer Salman Butt

The Under 19 Cricket World Cup was won by India in a thrilling match against Australia which proved their mastery on the cricketing field. The Indian Under 19 team beat Australia by eight wickets to lift the World Cup trophy and brought joy to millions of Indians back home and the fact that the man who was guiding, supporting and stood by them was none other than our beloved Rahul ‘The Wall’ Dravid made the victory sweeter. Rohit Sharma’s Wife Ritika Sajdeh Gives a Fitting Reply to Yuzvendra Chahal’s Cheeky Dig on Instagram Picture Also Read - BCCI Officially Invites Job Applications For Team India Head Coach

Head coach Rahul Dravid who is revered the world over for his grit, determination and being a team player deserves all the praise and applause that is coming his way. However, as is his nature he is clearly embarrassed by all the attention that he is receiving and said, “I am really proud of the boys and the effort they put in. I don’t want to mention names, but everyone in the support staff has put in a great effort.” Also Read - How Rahul Dravid Eventually Got Convinced by BCCI to Apply For Team India Head Coach Position

Twitter obviously erupted in joy looking at their icon and it is a commendable fact that a cricketer who is not on social media has been trending since the time the team won the trophy. Sample a few tweets below. Is WWE Wrestler John Cena’s Favourite Cricketer Rahul Dravid? His Instagram Post Hints So

Virender Sehwag hailed Rahul Dravid

Finally a World Cup for Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid says the win should be for the boys

Congratulations to Rahul Dravid

Virender Sehwag can’t stop praising about Rahul Dravid

Mohammad Kaif is reminded of his Under 19 World Cup win when he captained the side

The World Cup deserved Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid with the World Cup is the best sight

IPL will come every year

Preity Zinta is all smiles

Rahul Dravid is a class apart

Harsha Bhogle agrees with Rahul Dravid

However, there were quite a few who focused on the fact that Rahul Dravid tried his best not to take the focus and attention off the young team and the support staff. It is only a sign of his greatness that even while giving the interview live on TV he was still serious about what he was saying when the boys were celebrating behind him. Twitter users obviously did not miss any of these. Rahul Dravid Spends a Day With Google Pixel 2, Video Goes Viral

Rahul Dravid is a class act

Rahul Dravid does not take any credit

Rahul Dravid and Roger Federer are heroes

Chak De India reference had to be there

Rahul Dravid is cute

Kudos to Rahul Dravid for mentoring the team

Rahul Dravid is a true team player

Rahul Dravid always has something different to say

Rahul Dravid really achieved what he set out to do after he retired from international cricket. The way Rahul Dravid has mentored and guided the team we are sure that many of his protégés will find a place in the national side and will play a long and fulfilling innings in their cricketing career.