Venice: Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the globe, however, there is another unexpected positive side to the pandemic that is making news! With people being locked in their homes, seems like Mother Nature is making the most of this time and is returning to its previous glory. Also Read - Coronavirus Lockdown: Indian Singer Shweta Pandit Quarantined in Italy, Says Italy Was Never So Quiet Before

That’s why, in just a matter of few days, the reduced tourism has ironically made some of Italy’s tourist spots even prettier. Also Read - Trending News Today, March 15, 2020: Heartbreaking! Brother Trapped With Sister’s Dead Body For 36 Hours in Coronavirus Lockdown in Italy | Watch

Many pictures on the internet have documented this unexpected change, showing how the reduced boat traffic in Venice’s canals has made the water clearer and cleaner. As a result, large fish, dolphins and swans are reclaiming the canals and ports in tourists’ absence. Also Read - Pornhub Gives Free Premium Subscription to Italy as Coronavirus Kills Over 1000 Amid Total Lockdown in The Country

Watch the pictures:

In Italy, smog has also dropped considerably after a month of the shutdown as satellite images show that the nitrogen levels have decreased.

With fewer water taxis and boats ferrying the city’s tourists and residents along the canals, the air has become cleaner, a spokesperson for the Venice mayor’s office told CNN.

“Seems like Corona is the vaccine and we are virus of the nature!” one Twitter user asserted while another tweeted, “Awesome how nature can recover if given the opportunity.”

Residents of China’s Hubei Province have also said that they have seen the clearest skies in recent memory, as the NO2 pollution levels have also significantly dropped due to less transportation and manufacturing.

In Hong Kong too, air quality in the city has improved after the implementation of containment measures.

The outbreak has also contributed to a noticeable drop in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in other countries as well. Who would have thought?