Lucknow: The coronavirus lockdown has brought life to a grinding halt and in its wake, celebrations such as weddings and birthdays have also taken a backseat, forcing people to either cancel or postpone them. However, seems like one groom in Uttar Pradesh really wanted to get married!Also Read - Man Cycles 850 kms From Punjab to UP For His Wedding, Ends Up in Quarantine Centre

Deciding not to cancel his wedding due to the lockdown, the 23-year-old man kept his marriage date and pedaled 100 kilometers on a bicycle to reach his bride’s home. And, he brought back his newly-wed wife on the bicycle too.

The incident took place in the Pauthiya village in Hamirpur district where the groom Kalku Prajapati resides. He started the journey on April 27 to reach Puniya village in Mahoba district where his bride-to-be Rinki lived.

“There were no ‘baraatis’ because the police did not allow anyone else to accompany me. My friends advised me not to postpone the wedding and to go alone for the marriage. I wanted a memorable wedding but never imagined that it would take place in such circumstances,” Kalku told IANS.

After reaching there the same day, Kalku and Rinki got married at the Baba Dhyanidas Ashram on April 28 and they returned to their village on the bicycle itself.

“I pedalled all the way back with double load. Even in my dream, I had not thought that my legs will have such pain. I could not sleep and had to take pills to ease it,” he said, adding that both the families were happy that the marriage had been solemnised.

Though he was physically exhausted after reaching home, he said he was happy at getting married and bringing home his bride. The couple is now eagerly waiting for the lifting of the coronavirus lockdown so that a feast can be organised for the villagers.