The ugly and heinous face of a self-proclaimed godman has been exposed yet again! On Thursday, a godman was arrested on Thursday from Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar for allegedly sexually assaulting 10 boys who were lodged at his ashram. Also Read - Homophobia: Russian Politician Alerts President Putin Against Rainbow Ice Cream Allegedly Promoting Homosexuality, Matter to be Investigated

Recounting the horror, children at an ashram in Shukratal, in Muzaffarnagar said that the ashram owner, known as ‘Maharaj’, would force them to drink alcohol saying it was a “coronavirus medicine”. He would then make them watch porn videos before sodomising them and thrash them if they refused to follow orders.

“Maharaj would make us drink ‘Coronavirus medicine’. Then he would get naked and lie down, show us dirty films and do bad things to us,” a 10-year-old from Mizoram said in a statement to the Child Welfare Committee.

A medical examination confirmed four of them had been sexually assaulted.

Notably, the children rescued from Godiya Math Ashram were aged between seven and 16 and hail from the states of Tripura, Mizoram and Assam. They had been sent to the ashram by trusting parents with limited means, in hope of giving them a good education.

Thankfully, the 10 boys were rescued by a team of state child care helpline and police on Tuesday after they received a tip-off. As per reports, the whistleblower who informed the officials claimed that he was thrown out of the ashram after he raised an objection to the sexual abuse of the boys.

The owner of Godiya Math Ashram, Swami Bhakti Bhushan was arrested, late on Thursday night after a complaint was filed by child helpline against him. An FIR was also lodged on Thursday against the ashram owner under IPC section 377 (unnatural offences) and under various sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

The Maharaj, meanwhile, told local reporters that the allegations were fake and part of a conspiracy by locals who were angry that a large piece of land had been donated to the ashram.

(With IANS inputs)