In a bizarre incident, a man in UP’s Moradabad climbed a mobile tower on Saturday after having a quarrel with his wife. Soon after he pulled the stunt, local authorities and the police rushed to the spot to convince him to climb down.Also Read - UP: Woman Throws 5 Children in Ganga After Quarrel With Husband

Finally, after a lot of persuasions, he finally agreed to come back on the ground.

According to an ANI report, the name named Tejpal Singh said that he climbed the tower because his wife framed him in false cases and the police were not listening to him.

Explaining the reason, the man said, “I am fed up with my wife. She is trying to frame me in false cases but the police is not listening to me. I want to get rid of this relationship.”

The police said Tejpal and his wife are both in their second marriage and the couple had an argument over something.

“It is the second marriage of both the man and his wife. They had an argument over something after which he climbed the tower. He was soon persuaded to come down,” a policeman said while speaking to reporters.

In a similar incident in May this year, a drunk man in Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad district climbed atop a cell phone tower in order “to get some fresh air” as he was tired of staying indoors due to the prolonged lockdown.