Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh): In a shocking incident, a 20-year-old youth has been arrested after he allegedly staging his own ‘kidnapping’ in order to get his girlfriend’s father framed in a criminal case. Apart from main accused Jitendra Kumar, his friend Ravi was also arrested on Thursday for helping him in this matter. Their nefarious plan was busted after police investigations revealed that the ransom call was made by Ravi using Jitendra’s phone.Also Read - Driver Stages Kidnapping of Employer's Kids to Fund Daughter's Wedding, Demands Rs 1 Crore As Ransom

It all began on January 23 when Jitendra, a native of Amethi, left for Varanasi on the pretext of learning music. The following morning, his father Surendra Kumar received a ‘ransom call’ that his son had been kidnapped and Rs 10 lakh should be paid to secure his release.

After getting the call, Jitendra’s family approached the police who started the investigations.

Sultanpur Superintendent of Police Arvind Chaturvedi, who led the probe, said: “We found that the mobile phone of Jitendra had been used to make the call. We also noticed something amiss as a new SIM card was put around 2 am on January 24 but the ransom call came around 8 am.”

A police team then traced them to Shivgarh and arrested them. During questioning, Jitendra confessed that he had staged his own kidnapping in order to falsely implicate his girlfriend’s father who was opposed to their relationship.

In a similar case, a Mumbai driver and his relative were arrested for allegedly staging kidnapping of two children of a builder, for whom he worked, in a bid to extort Rs 1 crore. During the interrogation, the driver admitted that he had hatched the conspiracy of kidnapping the twin children to get money for his daughter’s marriage.