Prayagraj: Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Uttar Pradesh cabinet minister of Civil Aviation Nand Gopal Gupta has found a new way to popularise his party and its ideology. He has got an entire block of houses painted saffron in Bahadurganj area.Also Read - BJP’s West Bengal Poll Campaign Film Enacts Rape Scene, Report Sought After Video Goes Viral

Some houses also have images of gods and goddesses painted on them

The thing though has not gone down well with two residents of the area, who have lodged a complaint with the police. They have stated that a person close to the government has forcibly got their houses painted saffron.

Kotwali police station in-charge Jaichand Kumar Sharma said two Bhadurganj residents have lodged complaints accusing some people, purportedly close to a state minister, of getting their houses painted saffron without their consent and assaulting them on objecting to it.

In his complaint, Jeevan Chand has said that around 15 to 20 men sent by the minister got his house painted without his permission and assaulted him and verbally abused his wife on objecting to their acts.

Another complainant Ravi Gupta, a retired official, said that some unidentified people started painting the houses saffron and when he objected to it, they simply ignored his protests.

The minister said: “There are some people who do not like development and beautification drive that I have started. Some of the houses have idols of Gods painted on them and the non-believers are objecting.”