Washington: If you are a regular on the internet, you must have come across a popular Instagram profile called ‘Dude with sign’, wherein a man stands at random public places holding a placard with different kinds of messages. Notably, the man identified as Seth Philips is a 24-year-old internet sensation, who has more than 7.5 million followers on Instagram. In his latest message, the ‘dude’ shared an important yet funny post related to Covid-19 vaccines. However, this time, he wasn’t alone! He was joined by none other than- the President of the United States Joe Biden himself.Also Read - Viral Video: Girl Performs Impressive Backflips in a Red Saree & Stuns The Internet | Watch

In a picture that has gone viral, the 78-year-old President Biden and Seth Philips are seen standing outdoors while holding a placard each. “Let’s look out for each other and get vaccinated,” reads the sign held up by Seth. Meanwhile, President Biden’s sign read, “This dude gets it, folks”. While Seth Phillips looks stylish in a tan suit, and aviators, the President, too, looks dapper, donning a beige suit and shades.

See the viral image here:

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Their collaboration is seen as part of a broader effort from the Biden administration to reach out and connect to the youth and urge them to take Covid vaccines. Since being shared, the picture has received more than 2 million likes on Instagram with thousands of comments.

One user jokingly wrote, ”Oooooh this is gonna get so many meme photoshops.” “If you’re not vaccinated. Bi-den,” commented another. “This is the best picture I have seen today!” said a third.