Los Angeles: To protest against the lockdown restrictions in US, a woman was spotted wearing a bikini made of masks and was seen posing outside Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles. However, she had worn face masks all over her body except over her mouth.Also Read - ‘An Incalculable Loss’: New York Times Dedicates the Entire Sunday Front Page to Coronavirus Victims

The woman, identified as DaVida Sal, who is a performance artist called the lockdown restrictions ‘The New Abnormal’ in a post on Facebook that read, “If the MASKS work, WHY the 6 feet? If the 6 feet works, WHY the Masks? If BOTH work, WHY the LOCKDOWN?”

She also added pictures of herself in the post:

She further wrote, ”Please share your thoughts about the meaning of these images, what are they representing for you. We would like to hear from all of you. Now more than ever we must express ourselves with the brilliance we were created to be.”

As her post went viral, many criticized her and slammed her for being attention-hungry with one woman saying, People, where I live, are dying. Protecting the most vulnerable people in our population is the right thing to do. Wearing a mask is not difficult.”

Questioning her flawed logic in the FB post, another wrote, ”If seatbelts work, why have speed limits? If speed limits work, why have seat belts? If both work, why bother with car inspections? If anything reduces risk, why would we do anything to reduce risk further?

People further condemned her saying, ”Callousness and Idiocy aren’t a great subject for Performance Art”.

According to John Hopkins University tracker, US has 1,662,302 confirmed cases and 98,218 deaths.