When last month Spritz was introduced the bookworms were enthused about the app which could enhance their joy of reading in far less time than they would normally do. (Read: 3 books all children must read!) Also Read - Delhi Assembly Election 2020: ‘Over 21 Centres Set up For Counting of Votes on Feb 11,’ Says Poll Officer Ranbir Singh

While Spritz which sounds so similar to sprint collided with the meaning ‘run at full speed’, which was actually the functionality of the app, you let you read speedily using the technology. The main focus was on speed. Also Read - Stockholm: 'Technology When Made in Sweden is Costly, But Cost-effective in India,' Says Piyush Goyal

Whereas the new app UseClark is quite different from sprintz, Spritz was bit haphazardly done app which would let us see words flashing rapidly across the screen and this one is not a frantically berserk one. And can be adjusted to our own liking and pace, it never tends to get out of control. Also Read - Are You Fond of Reading? It is Good For Your Brain Health

UseClark effectively highlights the key words and terms to easily guide the readers, which primarily focuses on understanding the context rather than jus engulfing the text.

It gives you a compatible option with a feature which allows you to amass integral part of the text of the books and articles and to create a summarized version to help assemble the indispensable facts.

The website of the app says ‘Hello there, we’ve built a set of tools that helps you, process information faster and better. You’ll read and remember documents like never before’

The main three features are they guide you eyes, provide summaries and heatmaps.  They guide our eyes by lighting up the text. The effect is that we automatically read much faster with a better understanding of the text. They call it reading karaoke! They also provide us an automatic summary of the text that we just read. This in turn helps it make more easier to remember and easy to share the information and important points with others. And the bonus part is if you integrate this tool in your website, based on the technology UseClark knows exactly how your articles are read. They provide detailed heatmaps of the reading behavior of the visitors!

The fundamental aid in using this app would help you to read the context efficiently and helps you grab the meaning more effectively.