The next time you are in a market buying fruits or vegetables, please keep an eye on the weighing scales. Reason? To avoid being duped! According to four viral videos, there are high chances of vendors cheating their unsuspecting customers. The caption for these videos uploaded on Facebook reads, ‘This is how people gonna cheat you. Watch it till the end.’ From faulty weighing scales to slyly exchanging the correct plastic bag with another carrying lesser quantity of fruits/vegetables, the vendors seem to be applying all tricks in the trade to take their customers for a ride. 

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The videos have been uploaded by a Facebook user called Vikram Maiya about a day ago and have already garnered 8200 shares. In one of the videos, a fruit vendor can be seen placing a fruit beside the basket on the weighing scale without the knowledge of the customer. This fruit increases the weight on the scales. However, he then simply puts the contents of the basket into a bag and gives it to the customer, thereby giving him a lesser quantity of fruits. The other two videos also detail how the vendors ‘skillfully’ exchange a bag right under the nose of the customer after he has made the purchase.  One more video shows how a man selling rice/wheat has kept a weight underneath the containers to dupe customers. Also Read - 3 Signs of Infidelity You Should Not Ignore

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The shocking part is that all of these activities are happening in broad daylight. These have possibly been shot using a hidden camera and the buyers have no idea that they have been caught on camera. While the authentication of these videos or an official statement from the person who has uploaded these is still awaited, there is surely no harm in being more careful during the vegetable/fruit shopping sessions!