Gloria Gaynor’s hit track I Will Survive gets a makeover and is being used as an anti bullying anthem by VH1. This particular spot by agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi in Argentina shows the tormented situation of these nerdy boys and girls being bullied. And as the song plays, they plan to take their sweet revenge in their later phase of life.Also Read - Sikh high school student in New Jersey writes book on bullying

The way it has been shot is a bit disturbing. The kids are shown terrorised and tormented. The whole spot is based on a false premise. ‘Nerds today, bosses tomorrow, ultimately, these bullies are free to go about their brutish business’ is the wrong message being given through this ad film. Also Read - Vh1 Supersonic 2015 returns with more music, fun

The goal might have been to discourage this sort of behaviour to be practiced and not some revenge motif to be planted in the psyche of the viewer. Yet this goal seems to fall flat. VH1, take note. Also Read - Sikh Coalition and WHAAPI Host Sikh Anti-Bullying Discussion via Google Hangouts