New Delhi: In a video that has gone viral, Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen going to the toilet with six bodyguards. He was in Paris attending a Ukraine summit. Also Read - Dog Salutes Top Army Commander | Here is Truth Behind Viral Image

Five bodyguards were seen making sure that his passage is safe as he was leaving the bathroom. Another bodyguard walked behind him. The video was posted on Twitter by a BBC journalist. Also Read - Dua Lipa Trying Out The Signature Open-Arms Step in THIS Viral BTS Video is All Shah Rukh Khan Fans Ever!

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There are several interesting stories about Putin and ‘toilet’! Putin’s private jet has a gold-plated toilet. This was widely reported when one seriously ill teenager had to use the toilet in an emergency case.

Going to the washroom with six bodyguards will not be surprising if you know who accompanied him to the negotiation room. In the negotiation room, Putin was accompanied by his armed men, who received accreditation as thee member of the Russian delegation, though people with weapons and bodyguards are not allowed in the negotiation room, said reports.