Mumbai: Needless to say, public displays of affection and getting intimate in public are a big NO in a conservative country like India. One such case of moral vigilantism has emerged from Mumbai’s Borivali, where a housing society in Mumbai has made it clear that it can’t tolerate public display of affection. It’s for this reason that the residents of the Satyam Shivam Sundaram society put a sign saying “No Kissing Zone” outside their colony to prevent couples getting intimate, mid-day reported.Also Read - Inspiring! This Hyderabad Couple Has Been Fixing Potholes From Pension Money Since The Last 11 Years

According to the report, the residents of the society took this step after they regularly saw people engaging in intimate acts in the area every evening since the coronavirus lockdown was imposed. They had even recorded a video of a couple getting intimate in their area and approached the police, but the cops didn’t do much. Members of the housing society then discussed among themselves and decided to put up the sign.

However, the society chairman, Vinay Ansurkar, stressed upon the fact that they are not against couple but against ‘vulgarity’. Another resident Kailashrao Deshmukh told Mid-day, ”We are not against couples and kissing but we can’t let the premises just outside our houses become a kissing zone. Initially, residents tried to explain this to couples, but when it became a regular spot we came up with the idea of this marking.”

“Since the marking, couples are not seen here. Some people come here to take selfies. It has a psychological impact on them when they park, get down and see this marking,” added Deshmukh.

And the sign seems to have worked as the numbers of couples have reduced and most of them are coming to take selfies at the spot, residents reported. Meanwhile, couples visiting the spot told Mid-day that kissing a partner in a public place is not a crime and that they are only spending quality time with each other.