Have you seen those roadside barbers to whom you can go for a haircut and a shave and whose services won’t pinch your pocket? However, in China there is a barber who doesn’t give only a shave and a haircut, his expertise is something totally different. He uses his ‘ustara’ to scrape your eyeballs and not just give a shave. China’s 62-year-old Xiong Gaowu practices an ancient craft and a tradition that is still practiced in China even though it is highly dangerous. People come to Xiong Gaowu to get their eyes cleaned. He has honed his ‘eye shaving’ skills over decades. A gruesome and shocking video uploaded on YouTube shows Xiong Gaowu shaving a man’s eye and it has gone viral for its seemingly graphic content.  The shaving of the eyeballs is done to clean them so that people can see better with improved vision and Chinese barber Xiong Gaowu is an expert in this procedure. Chinese Barber Xiong Gaowu Practices Eyeball Shaving Using A Sharp Razor (Video)Also Read - Millionaire Overnight! Bihar Barber Hits The Jackpot, Wins Rs 1 Crore in IPL 'Dream Team' Contest

The video is not for any fainthearted and does have some content that might seem shocking or horrifying for some, so viewer discretion is advised. Xiong Gaowu sets up his shop in an alley in the Jinjiang District of Chengdu city and has been doing the eye shaving for the past 40 years. The procedure looks simple but it needs real skill and practiced hands and Xiong Gaowu says that he has never injured any of his customers. The procedure takes only 5 minutes, a blade is dipped in an iodine solution for sterilization, then an eye medicine is placed on the tip and the knife is used to ‘shave’ the eyes. Chinese Delivery Man Walks Through A Glass Door and Yet Escapes Injury in This Viral Video Also Read - 10-Year-Old Boy Bursts Into Tears, Calls The Police After Receiving a Bad & Unsatisfactory Haircut

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Xiong Gaowu usually services seven to eight customers per week charging the customers 80 yuan ($12) each, usually as an extra service on top of a haircut. According to a customer 68-year-old Zhang Tian the procedure is not dangerous and his eyes feel refreshed after shaving and I feel comfortable. Most people who go for this procedure are from the older generation and have no qualms in undergoing this bizarre and potentially dangerous procedure.