Bangkok: Lately, elephants have been the talk of the town, and several videos of them from various parts of the world have gone viral on social media. And, now the latest video that has taken the internet by storm is that of a hungry elephant crashing into a woman’s kitchen and giving her the shock of her life. The incident was reported from Southern Thailand’s Chalermkiatpattana village in the wee hours on Sunday as it hungrily looked for food.Also Read - Here's Why World's Most Expensive Paneer is Sold For Rs 80,000 Per Kg

As per reports, the resident of the house, Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon was awoken in the early hours by the sound of crashing and banging. When she headed out of bed to check what had happened, she discovered an elephant’s head poking through her kitchen wall beside the drying rack. Despite being in shock, Ratchadawan somehow managed to shoot a video of the incident on her phone which has now made its way to social media platforms. The video shows the male elephant, named Boonchuay, searching for anything to eat and can be seen curiously running its tusk across the kitchen cabinets, knocking pans in the hope of finding something edible. Also Read - Viral Video: US Duo Creates Guinness World Record By Catching Football Thrown From 620 Feet. Watch

The video went viral after it was posted on Twitter by a handle named Now This with the caption, “A family in Thailand awoke to a hungry Asian elephant busting through their wall and rummaging in the kitchen. The elephant, which is reportedly known to occasionally cause trouble for humans in the area, was likely attracted to the smell of food.” Also Read - Viral Video: Man Dressed as UK PM Boris Johnson Gets Chased By Cops, Leaves Crowd In Splits. Watch

Watch the video here:

As per a report by The Guardian, it is not the first time Boonchuay has visited Chalermkiatpattana village. “They come to visit quite often. They always come when there is the local market because they can smell food,” said Itthipon Thaimonkol, the park’s superintendent. Meanwhile, Thai media reported that the same elephant had even paid a visit to Ratchadawan’s kitchen on one of those occasions, causing damage worth almost 50,000 baht (£1,140).