It would seem the lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic is starting to get to us a little bit, and make us lose our sense of right and wrong. In what can only be described as a bizarre incident, a man in Karnataka was captured on camera sitting on his bike and tearing into a snake all because it crossed his path.Also Read - You Are Country's Economy: Man Showers Flower Petals on Tipplers Waiting in Line to Buy Alcohol

The incident took place when the man, who had just bought a few bottles of liquor from a shop in Kolar of Karnataka, was riding away on his bike. On the way, he happened to run over a snake that was crossing the road, and stopping the bike he picked up the snake and hung it around his neck before driving again. Also Read - Covidiot: Not Understanding Purpose, Woman Cuts Hole in Her Face Mask so She Can Breathe

In the video that has gone viral, he could be seen driving the bike to the side of the road before lifting the snake from around his neck, and tearing it into pieces with his teeth. Also Read - After Pillow And Duvet Dress Challenge, Now Shopping Bag Dresses Are All The Rage!

Passers-by were left amazed and bewildered by what they were seeing, as the man could be heard yelling also, “How dare you come into my path?”

A report by Times of India stated the man had no idea that he had been biting a venomous snake, and after cops intervened he refused to visit a doctor.