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Sajid Khan is one of the prominent faces of Bollywood but is pretty much known for directing absolutely bakwaas movies. He is not just a filmmaker but also an actor, script, writer, talk show host and TV presenter. But he is more well-known as the sibling of successful filmmaker Farah Khan. His movies are full of drama, gags and lots of masala but these elements are repeated from one movie to another. Read: Sajid Khan Birthday Bash: Flop films he directed in his career! Also Read - Sajid Khan Sexual Harassment Case: Model Paula Says She's Ready to File FIR in #MeToo on One Condition

Since the start of his career, Sajid has been portraying that he is excellent when it comes to giving out super duper flop films! All his movies require real himmat for the audiences to go and watch it in theatres. Sajid and his actors try and tickle the funny bone of the audiences, but fail. Read: 9 outrageous claims made by ‘Humshakals’ director Sajid Khan that boomeranged! Also Read - Who is Dimple Paul Aka Paula? Know Everything About Model Who Accused Sajid Khan of Sexual Harassment

This viral video explores the dreaded question: Should Sajid Khan make more movies?

There is a man seen at the start of the video who just nails it by giving a humorous reply! When people are asked ‘Do you know who Sajid Khan is?’, some of them reply saying, ‘No! I have better things to do in life’.

According to the masses, Sajid Khan makes disastrous movies, involves a lot of PJs, and his pathetic movies involve absolutely no logic. The movie tickets cost Rs 300 and people think twice before they decide to go and watch his films!

Here is a classic video about the real feelings of Indian audiences towards Sajid Khan the filmmaker and their take on the concept of Sajid Khan’s movies. Watch the hilarious video and post your feelings about his movies!