A video of a Pakistani barber has gone viral – and not for some sexy or weird hairstyles he has given, but for a very dangerous one! Pakistani journalist Omar R Quraishi, Editor Digital Properties Samaa, tweeted a video of the (stupid) barber in his country who is seen lighting a man’s head or rather hair on fire just to give him a haircut! And the man is happily sitting on the barber’s chair and letting the barber set him on fire. “Apparently this Pakistani hair stylist’s routine includes setting the client’s hair on fire – literally!” says Omar Quraishi with his tweet. Check out the video here if you don’t believe us. The video shows the barber in Pakistan applying a white lotion on his customer’s head after which, he coolly takes out a lighter to light his hair! DO NOT try this at home! How the fire has really added to the haircut is anybody’s guess – only this idiot of a barber can enlighten us on it. Apparently, it is used to straighten hair in a jiffy, just like some people use the household iron with a cloth to do that (don’t try that either!).Also Read - Who Cares About Fire? Guests Continue Eating Shaadi ka Khaana As Wedding Hall Blazes Into Flames | Watch

This video of a Pakistani barber giving a ‘fire’ haircut to his customer has truly gone viral and has got reactions on Twitter. One man tweeted, “He should name his hair salon “BHEJA FRY” while a lady said, “maybe they’re killing lice .. ewww”. Another man said, “They should do his pubes”. Hilarious! But highly dangerous. Even if this video is being shared widely on social media, let us remind you, DO NOT try this at home or ask your barber / hairstylist to do it for you! Watch the video here. Also Read - Coal Mine Fire in Russia’s Siberia Kills 11, Dozens Trapped

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@omar_quraishi He should name his hair salon “BHEJA FRY”

Hope these reactions at least will put some sense into this barber’s head! And what is the police doing not taking action against him?