New Delhi: As people across the world are social distancing and self-isolating themselves in an attempt to break the chain of Covid-19 transmission, it is important to entertain and humour ourselves meanwhile, lest boredom hijacks our mind. Well, trust the internet to take care of that! Also Read - Bengaluru Police Will Arrest People With Home Quarantine Stamp if Found Out-of-Doors

After giving us hilarious #workfromhome memes to creative #SocialDistancingPickUpLines, a new trend on the internet is going viral, bringing a smile on our faces amid these difficult times. Also Read - Deepika Padukone Makes Yummy Dessert During Self-Quarantine Time At Home Amid COVID-19 Outbreak, See Photo

It all started when author and TV producer Elan Gale in a tweet asked people to figure out their quarantine nickname by posting how they feel right now, plus the last thing they ate out of the cupboard. Also Read - Coronavirus Quarantine: Sikhs in NYC Prepare Over 30,000 Free Meal Packets For Americans- Watch

He tweeted: “Your quarantine nickname is how you feel right now + the last thing you ate out of the cupboard. Gale’s nickname? “You can call me ‘angry chili mango.”

So, supposedly, if you are feeling bored right now and the last thing you ate was ‘khichdi, your quarantine nickname would be ‘Bored Khichdi’. Quite simple, right?

Shashi Tharoor too participated in the new game and took to Twitter to share his ‘quarantine nickname’. Well, he nicknamed himself as, ‘Idle Idli’, which means you know now that Tharoor had idlis as his breakfast!

Now netizens are overwhelmingly participating in the new trend and sharing their nicknames as well. Have a look at this hilarious tweets:

As for me, my nickname would be ‘Tired Pakoda’, do share yours too in the comments section!