In a humorous event, a newly-wed couple’s wedding photoshoot was photo-bombed by a giraffe. This hilarious incident took place in Malibu, California, at Saddlerock Ranch where the bride and groom were posing for their marriage photos where the giraffe did not only photo-bomb their pictures but also grabbed the groom’s turban. Pictures from this funny incident have gone viral on the Internet after a video of the event was shared on video-streaming platform YouTube by wedding photographer Aperina Studios who was doing the photoshoot of the newly-weds. Also Read - Aditya Narayan-Neha Kakkar's Wedding Buzz is 'to Boost The TRPs of Indian Idol', Says Udit Narayan

However, the video looks very cute and looks like the bride and groom also found it extremely amusing about the giraffe coming and photo-bombing their shoot. The couple was present at the scenic location for their wedding photo-shoot as the place has a breathtaking landscape. Also Read - 'Buzz is Everywhere Other Than my Office', Says Sitharaman on Talks of Hiking GST Rates to Boost Revenues

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While the bride was looking stunning in a red and golden lehenga, the groom looked handsome in an off-white sherwani with a red turban. In the 30-second video clip, we see how the groom and the bride get surprised with the giraffe posing at the back and especially when he snatches away the groom’s turban. In the video, we can see the bride laughing constantly as the giraffe keeps taking away her husband’s turban. However, at the end of the video, we see how the couple is posing with the giraffe but at a distance.

The video has already garnered 7k views on video-streaming platform YouTube and several people are commenting on the video. It has gone viral on social media.