New Delhi: If this isn’t the stuff of nightmares, then what is! Imagine you are preparing to sleep and a snake enters your bedroom? Well, this is exactly what happened in a house in Delhi.  A family in Delhi’s Inderpuri were left horrified after a six-foot-long rat snake made its way into their bedroom and got trapped inside the compressor of their air conditioner. Shocked family members immediately reported the incident on Wildlife SOS helpline and a two-member team from the wildlife conservation NGO rushed to the location with rescue equipment and protective gear.Also Read - Viral Video of This Stunning Rainbow Snake Will Make Your Jaws Drop | Watch

It took one-hour for a team of rescuers to extricate the snake out of the compressor safely.

Seeking reprieve from the soaring temperature, the snake wandered into a house in Inderpuri and slithered into the window air conditioner unit fitted in the bedroom, an official of Wildlife SOS said.

“After a one-hour-long rescue operation, the rat snake was safely extricated out of the air conditioner and later released into its natural habitat,” the official said.

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-Founder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, said, “Over the years, we have rescued snakes trapped in air conditioners, washing machines and even car engines. Snakes are ectotherms which means they need to use outside sources to regulate their body temperature. Therefore, on hot summer days, they seek out shade and cooler places to rest.”

In another similar incident recently, a man in Rajasthan’s Pushkar spotted a black cobra coming out of the toilet when he went to the bathroom to freshen up. The family members then reported the matter to the local police who reached there with a rescue team. The snake was caught and released into the forest safely.

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