Abu Dhabi: If you are active on social media, you must have come across several memes and posts about the wildly popular show Squid Game. The survival drama involving deadly children’s games, has quickly become one of Netflix’s most-watched shows ever, and continues to fascinate audiences worldwide. To cash in on the popularity of the show, Abu Dhabi organized a real-life version of the game on October 12. Well, before your jaws drop, let us tell you that the competition was held on the lines of the show but without the violence and bloodshed. Phew!Also Read - Squid Game Creates History, Surpasses Bridgerton As Netflix's Biggest Launch Ever

Notably, Korean Culture Center at Abu Dhabi organised the event featuring the games played in the popular drama series on Tuesday night, reported Khaleej Times. Two teams of 15 participants played the game in two sessions on \at the center’s Abu Dhabi office, while wearing t-shirts featuring the show’s logo. The games included in the event were ‘red light green light’, ‘Dalgona candy’ challenge and paper flipping games ‘Marbles and Ddakji’.Participants competed in a risk-free and non-violent environment and yet enjoyed a log of thrills without panicking.

See the pictures and videos here which have gone viral, impressing fans:

“To match up to the worldwide popularity of ‘Squid Game’, the Korean series on NETFLIX, Korean Cultural Center in the UAE has organized an event that you can also enjoy the games played in Squid Game,” KCC’s official website stated.

Meanwhile, the staff wore pink circle, triangle and square costumes just like the guards in the show’s games. Only UAE residents eree eligible to compete and, to apply (the registration form is now closed). Applicants were selected after they were tested on their basic knowledge of Netflix’s Squid Game.

Sadly, there was no prize money but the players got a chance to win a coveted green tracksuit worn by the show’s protagonists. Nevertheless, it must have been a fun experience, for sure!

Nam Chan-woo, the UAE Korean Cultural Center’s director, told Business Insider, ”Just as K-Pop gained worldwide popularity through YouTube in the 2010s, I think platforms such as Netflix would be a channel for the global spread of Korean video content such as dramas and movies.”

The Squid Game premiered on Netflix on September 17 and quickly became the highest-rated programme in 90 countries. The show is a survival drama where 456 debt ridden people compete in children’s games with fatal outcomes. Only one out of the 456 contestants can make it out of the games alive with a whopping $38 million cash reward.