Maryland: An American bride recently recounted the moment when she ran off with her cousin after the groom showed up drunk on their wedding day. The incident happened last year, when 24-year-old Cearia who hails from Maryland, was all set to marry her groom, 28-year-old Sam, Sun reported. However, she was extremely disappointed when the groom reached at the venue drunk. She made up her mind to not stay with him and decided to run away with her cousin, who was also her ex-boyfriend.Also Read - Viral Video: Bride & Groom Fall Off The Stage After Making a Grand Entry With Weird Dance Moves | Watch

Notably, Cearia and Sam had decided to tie the knot after being in a serious relationship for a long time. Agreeing on a wedding, she enlisted her 21-year-old cousin, Kyle, to give her away at the altar as no other family was there to witness her union.

Speaking on TLC’s Gypsy Brides US, she talked about her pre-wedding jitters and said: “I’m really nervous about today. It’s a big day and I have a lot of thoughts going through my head. Kyle is my only family. And that’s why I want him to be a part of the wedding.”

As she reached the end of the aisle, she smelt the alcohol on Sam and tried to ignore it at first. ”He couldn’t look me in the face, he dropped the wedding rings,” she said. After an awkward wedding happened somehow, the bride said that Sam couldn’t even keep his eyes open, talk or stand properly. Seeing her disappointed, her cousin revealed his true feelings to her and asked her to elope with him. And she did!

He told Cearia: “I can’t sit by and watch this all happen to you, this is ridiculous, he’s a fool, you married a fool. Now’s the time to just slip away – what do you say?”