Massachusetts: The ocean is the vast reservoir of Nature and home to some amazing and rare animals hidden beneath. Recently, a lucky fisherman was stunned to discover an extremely rare blue lobster during a routine fishing haul on the shores of Gloucester, Massachusetts. The chances of finding a blue lobster are about one in two million, according to the New England Aquarium.Also Read - Viral Video: Pakistani Reporter Interviews Buffalo, Asks 'Lahore Kaisa Laga Aapko?'| WATCH the Buffalo's Hilarious Reply

According to Daily Mail, Lobsterman Toby Burnham nabbed the brightly colored crustacean on July 16. He released the exceptionally rare lobster back into the ocean, but not before taking some stunning pictures of it.

“Our lobsterman Toby caught this extremely rare blue lobster. He decided to bring it in for photographing and then release it back to the sea,” Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Company wrote.

“I thought it was a fish flapping around in there but when I looked, it was a lobster. He was really blue, so I took him. I snatched him right out of the trap,” Burnham told

Explaining his decision to throw the crustacean back into the sea, Burnham said: “Well, it’s one in a million lobster, so you know we can throw one back … I threw it back where it was so he got his chance to go back and to his hole.”

Pictures of the rare lobster have since gone viral after they were shared on Facebook. “The color is so beautiful! Thank you for taking some pics and sharing them!” one user wrote, while another commented, ”Great that is was thrown back in the ocean! This blue lobster is not meant for people to eat.”

A third user wrote, ”It was awesome that you had the heart to throw that rare guy back into the ocean. Thank you for not just thinking of the next dollar. Hopefully it gets a chance to keep having offspring.”

Notably, blue lobsters get this colour because of a genetic abnormality which causes an over-production of the protein crustacyanin.